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Post by Hyde on Mon Feb 23, 2015 9:36 pm

"Alrighty-place your bets folks. Pick 'em, choose 'em, win 'em, lose 'em! The name of the game is Three Rock Monte-whose up for a wager today? Any takers?"

The smooth talking aged black haired man rattled on all the while holding a slow burning grit in the corner of his lips. "C'mon folks! I've got some copper clips just burning a hole in my pockets--well what's left of my pockets anyway..." he says while poking his fingers through his left coat pocket and waving.

The evening locals crowded around the street corner to listen in as Hyde attempted to ply his trade with several bemused chuckles. Several locals just waved him off as they departed but there was a newcomer that approached who seemed drawn in by his alluring presentation and made his way forward eager to take a shot at making a few extra Copper clips.

Hyde nodded as the newcomer approached and tapped his small black medium sized wooden walking stick twice on the ground as he sighted his mark and smiled. The newcomer was followed by a pair of men who had been in the crowd previously just listening and made their way to the front.

The newcomer who stepped up in front was a man in his late 20's, that appeared to have all the trappings of wealth but was wearing a ragged look from being out on the road. He said, "I'll take you up on your offer. Provided this game's fair."

Hyde beckoned the first two men ahead of the wealthier looking man and had each hedge a bet as to which rock he'd hidden the copper clips. Hyde looked the man up and down as he says, "Why sir?!? Are you suggesting that I may be running a scam here? No, sir-couldn't happen! Now let me be the first to assure you sir, the city guard in the fair city of Urteau wouldn't allow such trouble and the Steel ministry-why they'd have my head for just thinking of such a thing. Honestly, this game here is pure luck plain and simple."

The wealthy man then watched as Hyde winked at him and subtly gestured to the remaining unclaimed rock with his head.

The wealthy looking man considered Hyde for a moment staring at his persona as if gauging his face and body would clue him into Hyde's trustworthiness or not while also considering Hyde's logic before then laying down a boxing on the table and pointing at the rock Hyde hinted at.

Having all bets placed Hyde lifted the first rock with a flair of showmanship and feigned surprise as lifting it revealed nothing. The first man who'd approached and placed his bet having wagered and subsequently lost 4 copper clips walked off quietly cursing to himself. "Sorry, sir. Better luck next time."

Hyde then hovered between the last two rocks and had each of the remaining contestants re-up the wagers as he said, "Now folks-it's all up to chance. It all comes down to this...who gets to walk away with free money?"

He pauses for dramatic effect and makes to place his hand over the middle rock and is just about to lift it when there is suddenly a loud ruckus from the nearby tavern. Two drunk Skaa laborers throwing punches and kicks spilled out into the street knocking over a few tables and chairs on their way out the door.

The gathered crowd turned to watch the fight with a few members of the crowd jostling and bumping into and past one another to get a better view of the brawl.

The rich man and the man who'd placed their wagers turned back around to look at Hyde after the scene began to get broken up by the two skaa's friends, each contestant mildly frazzled by the rough pushing and shoving of the intimate crowd. The rich man pounded his fist on the table, "No games or fancy tricks I said!"

Hyde looked between the two men as he said, "Would you care to re-wager? I'm terribly sorry for the local scene, sir. You'd think some people would know better. It's not civilized I say."

The rich man nodded once and upped his ante again as he sided with Hyde saying, "Yes, allowing these lowly Skaa to be left unmonitored is asking for trouble. I intend to talk to someone about this."

Hyde smiled politely upon the noble's statement but said nothing further. Rather, upon once more having their attention and wagers, Hyde placed a hand on both rocks and lifted each. The middle rock revealed nothing and the rock the wealthy man had wagered on contained a small stack of copper clips.

Hyde again feigned surprise as the second man stormed off in a huff as Hyde mouthed "I'm sorry!" before Hyde then turned to face the wealthy man and grinning said, "It would seem fate favors you tonight dear sir."

The rich man nodded as he quickly gathered his winnings and pocketed them and said with an arrogant confidence, "Yes, yes--fate indeed. I rather enjoyed your show. I wonder if fate might also direct me to a proper place to bed for the night."

Hyde pondered for several moments before shaking his head and giving the man directions to a local inn. The man shook Hyde's hand before then leaving the area.

Hyde smiled to himself as the out of town nobleman faded from view as several Skaa men and women began to form around Hyde and pull out the loot that they had lifted from the rich man including the two other contestants who had managed to not only reclaim their initial wagers but also pick up the man's initial boxing. Hyde looked around the gathered bunch which included the two Skaa men who had gotten into the fight and nodded. Each member of the crowd then began taking a bit of the gathered pot.

Hyde pocketed the handful of copper clips he'd nicked himself before then having the crowd disperse and he began walking off into the evening vanishing into the night.

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