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Post by Lord Elliot on Tue Feb 24, 2015 8:07 pm

Steam rose around Elliot as he shoved the last sword of the day into the cooling bucket. He took off his gloves and ran a hand through his short cropped hair as he closed his eyes and flared the last of his bronze to make sure there were no unexpected allomancers about. He breathed a sigh of relief when his bronze told him nothing he didn't already know. He took his apron and folded it leaving it on his table on by his gloves. He stared into the cooling bucket as he fished in his pocket for a vial. He uncorks it in one hand and downs it in one gulp. He set down the empty vial beside 12 others just as empty. He smiled as he went about closing down the rest of the smithy. Putting on one glove he pulled the sword out of the cooling bucket and looked it over before setting it on the table. He tossed off the glove and left the forge, locking it behind himself.

He walk across the small open lot and entered his shop. He shook his head as he noticed the full inventory and lack of customers. "Damn those Venture." Elliot muttered.

"Didja say sumpin Lord Calsolite?" piped up a big eared scrawny Skaa. He wore clothes nice than other Skaa, it was a shame they didn't fit. He was mighty proud of them all the same.

"I was just muttering Rosco. Go ahead and close the shop for the day. It's not like we had customers." He sighed and shook his head as he began to climb the stairs. "Bring me my dinner too, and tell Fione I require services."

Rosco shook his head. "Aye sir."

He went to the open door stuck his head out and whistled a few notes and stood waiting. A petite hooded figure that had stood in the shadows waiting darted inside the open door. Rosco smiled before shutting the door and locking it. "Wait 'ere a minute."

He locked the front door and dashed into a side room. He came back a few moments later with a glass and a bottle of red wine and handed them both to Fione. He gestured with his head toward the stairs. "He's waitin'.

Fione nodded and slowly made her way up the stairs. She reached the top of the stairs and saw Elliot standing shirtless on the balcony watching the town before the mists rose. She walked onto the balcony and set the wine and glass down on a small table. Elliot watched her from the corner of his eye but made no sound. She poured the wine into the cup and took a sip. Elliot made sure she swallowed before nodding his head and moving towards the table to sit in the chair. As he rraised the glass to his lips Fione disappeared into the room. She returned with body oils as he was pouring himself another glass. He offered some of the wine to Fione who took a small sip before she began to rub the oils onto Elliot's shoulders and back and massage him. His muscles were tense and ached. It had been almost four months to the day since Elliot bought this forge and shop. He had thought his body would be used to working everyday by now,  and that he would be pulling a legitimate profit. He was wrong on both accounts. When Fione was done massaging him she pulled him up and led him to the bed, kissing his hand and pressing it against her body in all the right places. When they reached the bed she threw herself on it and began to undress. Elliot smiled as he took off his pants and joined her on the bed.

Once he was satisfied Elliot got off the bed and put on his pants and a blue silk robe and faced the balcony.  "You are certain you can't have children?"

Fione chuckled as she got dressed. "How long have been coming to see you?"

Elliot smiled "Every night since I bought this shop and heard about you from Rosco"

"mmhmm." She replies. "And every night you ask me that after the deed is done. Why is that?

Elliot turned his head to glance at her. "You remind me of Fadrex's best wine. Something so irresistible that you must taste before questioning the price."

She blushed "You ain't so bad lookin' yourself Lord Calsolite"

"See Rosco before you go. He will give you a bag of food, an'"

"And leave through the back door and climb over the wall during the guard change. I know the routine." She approached Elliot slowly from behind and kissed his cheek. "Until tomorrow."

Elliot made no verbal response but nodded his head. He walked out to the balcony and sat in the chair pouring another glass of wine. He held it up in the fading light. "Fadrex piss would taste better than what passes for Urteau wine."

"Bet Urteau piss tastes better than Skaa piss." Rosco said with a laugh as he placed a plate of food on the table.

Elliot cracked a smile and eyed the food before looking at Rosco. "Taste it for me."

"I tasted it in the kitchen Lord Calsolite. I've tasted my cookin' many times 'afore in fact."

"I am sure you have Rosco, but I was not in the kitchen was I? I need to see you taste the food." Elliot replied as he forced a smile.

Rosco grudgingly grabbed the plate of food back and hastily crammed a little bit of everything into his mouth before swallowing. He then grabbed the bottle of wine and took a sip to wash it down. "Why do I have to keep tasting your food? I cook it, you should trust that."

Elliot grabbed the plate and slowly began to nibble at the food. "You taste my food because my family is dead and I don't wish to join them. We've been over this."

"Your family die of poison" Rosco asked pointedly.

"No." Elliot replied. "And I don't wish to die of poison either." He smiled as Rosco threw his hands in the air and began to walk away. "Not so fast Rosco. I need you to do a couple of things for me."

Rosco slowly walked back around to face Elliot. "What do ya need?"

"Business is still too slow. I need you to gather the boys and do some promoting. Hit all the usual places." He gave Rosco a knowing glance.

Rosco smiled and nodded. "Same as any ole' night then?"

Elliot smiled. "Precisely. Also I need more bronze you will find the empty vials in the smithy."

Rosco gave a concerned look "You've a problem. You're drinkin' more bronze than you are breathin' air"

Elliot gave a stern look, and walked inside his room carrying his food and wine. He motioned for Rosco to follow and close the doors. Once closed he spoke in a hushed but furious tone. "The bronze keeps me safe. Keeps Fione safe. Keeps you and the boys safe. There is a good chance without bronze I would be dead. We both know that this is the best job you and your crew have ever had. So you are going to get me my bronze...or you will have a problem. Do you understand?"

Rosco stared at the ground. "Yes, my Lord Calsolite."

Elliot regained his composure. "If you can't find any buyers find Hyde. He has his hands in everything...he will know what to do with the supplies. You are dismissed."

Rosco bowed low and ran out the door to gather his crew to get to work.

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