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Post by Lord Elliot on Fri Jun 05, 2015 5:53 pm


These are the only friends I am allowed in the Canton. What fools we were to think we could cross paths with an inquisitor and come away unharmed. Better me than the others though. I am dispensable. They still have Roscoe, my smithy, my weapons. I'll rot away here alone, with my unsated vengeance. How long have I been here? Where is the questioning? Why only torture? Where is my end? My freedom? My peace? My death.

*indeterminate time passes*


The Inquisitor finally shows up...not alone, the other prisoners. The ones we were going to kill. With a vicious grin he grabs one of the prisoners and thrusts him up top of me. Before I could throw the prisoner off a spike was driven through the prisoner into my sternum. I can't tell you whose scream was louder...whose pain was worse...who bled the most...All I know is I'm the one who made it out alive. Finally I wriggle out from under the weight of the now dead prisoner begin standing up. As soon as I stand I am smashed against the wall as the Inquisitor shoves another prisoner towards me. Laughing as he jams through his left shoulder into mine. I scream louder, but bleed less. The prisoner slumps lifeless to the floor as the Inquisitor motions with 1 last spike to the last prisoner. I shake my head and try to run. I don't get far. Spikes in the ribs hurt. I black out.

I awaken feeling revitalized. Stronger than ever, more aware than ever, more courageous than ever. I realize I am no longer a prisoner. I am wearing a cloak. I have my bow and arrow. I must have escaped. I'm at Venture's Estate. Vengeance is finally within my grasp. I have the power to match my motive. I kick the gates open and begin to ready an arrow. I break the string. This strength will be difficult to master. I cast my bow aside. It splinters as it hits the ground. I keep my arrows. They are still sharp. Guards. Servants. Hazekillers. Those who attack fall before me. I move fast though. My target is Abelond...the head....the face of Venture. Ran into a coinshot. The coins bounced off, or passed straight through. Pain of a coin is insignificant to the pain of a spike. I reach his Lordship's room and break the door down as I enter. He doesn't recognize me. Whether because of the hood, or my new scarred look I know not. This couldn't be more perfect. I walk slowly towards him. An arrow clutched in my fist. A grin on my face. He glares, and remains in bed unwavering. His window shatters as a Mistborn enters the room with a spray of coins. I duck and charge. ramming the arrow and my arm through her chest. It's a shame. She was pretty. She slumps to the ground as I pull out my blood covered arm still clutching the arrow. As the hood of cloak falls away and I realize two things. I have shot her before with an arrow, and two... she looks very familiar. I turn around only to be punch in the jaw by Abelond. I fell hard. Before I can react he is on top of me punching my face repeatedly. I throw him off if just for a second and roll out the window as I hear footsteps and reinforcements approaching. When I hit the ground it hurts. I force myself to stand up and make my way to the river to be free of the blood. Then I came here...and began making you.

Elliot smiles as he begins swinging down a heavy hammer in his smithy creating spike, after spike, stopping only when the rest of the crew showed up.

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